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Auction Sheet

2004 PEUGEOT 206 XS


Chassis No : VF32HNFUF43542159
Yr/Mo Registration : 2004 (March)
Grade : XS
Transmission : AUTO
CC Rating : 16000
Engine Type : PETROL
Condition Grade : 4.0
Kilometers : 65,220
Smoker Car: TBD
Tires: Normal
Color : BLUE
Wheel Style : WheelCovers

Feature and Accessories

Interior Color : BLACK
Interior Type : DELUXE CLOTH
Interior Grade : B
Door : 3 DOOR
Power Steering : Yes
Power Windows : Yes
Air Conditioning : Yes
Sun Roof : No
No. of Airbag : 2
ESC : No

Sales Notes

P/S, A/C, P/W, ABS, Dual Air Bag, Wheel Cover, 5 Seater, Digital Meter, Side SRS Airbags

Condition Notes

Front: R/F fender dent
Interior: Left front Retractable Power Wing Mirror

NZ Structural Notes

For Structural Assessment
Disclaimer: Estimates are provided by NZ repair professionals. Actual cost may vary from dealer to dealer. Repair cert and engineer costs are not included in the quote.

Tire Notes

Tire Size:

Additional Photos With Notes


Front Seat

Back Seat

Rear Cargo View

Right Front Fender